Agrotec Objective

One of the main goals for JO&PS today is to assure the expansion of economic development to rural areas. Agriculture is considered one of the largest shares in employment. Regional disparities persist despite significant progress achieved in economic development and poverty reduction in the last decade.


We are glad to announce the launch of Agrotec project on 1/1/2023, which is a project aimed at revolutionizing the agricultural sector in Jordan and Palestine through the use of cutting-edge technology. AgroTec is an abbreviation for AgroTechnology VET Centers to Network and Train Future Farmers, which reflects our mission to create a network of training centers to equip future farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the agricultural industry.


Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting for the AgroTec project will be held at the University of Jordan (UJ) and The National University College of Technology (NUCT)...

Dissemination Material

The dissemination material for the Agrotec project was designed to promote the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and sensors, in agriculture...