Director Speech

A Message from the General Registrar


Praise be to God Almighty and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers, our Prophet Mohammad, and upon all his family and companions.


 The National University College of Technology has sought, since its creation, to adopt the best student information management systems available at the global level, in order to facilitate the admission process for students at the university, and it also seeks to provide many academic seats according to the capacity of each major and to improve educational outcomes. The role of admission and registration comes in setting up a flexible mechanism to receiving students by automating the process of submitting students' applications and accepting them so that the process of submitting documents and reserving the university number takes a few minutes of student's time. Through our website, we aim to clarify all the programs available at the university and work to provide academic advice and guidance to students to ensure their choice of the program aligns with their credentials as well as their abilities and preferences. In turn, our university has provided the applicant with everything they may need through the university's electronic system which helps them understand the university's application mechanism and all the required information.


The General Registrar

Mohammad Mustafa