We are excited to announce that the dissemination materials for the COSMO project have been printed and submitted for approval to the European Union. The materials include brochures, flyers, and a project logo.

The brochures and flyers provide an overview of the project’s objectives, target audience, and expected outcomes. They showcase the expertise and experience of the project partners, highlighting their contributions to the project. The materials were designed to be accessible to women from all backgrounds and to encourage them to participate in the diploma program.

The project logo is a key element of the dissemination materials, designed to reflect the project’s objectives and its focus on cosmetics and makeup. The logo will be used on all project materials, including presentations, reports, and publications.

Once the materials are approved by the European Union, they will be distributed to stakeholders and the wider public. The dissemination materials will play a critical role in raising awareness about the COSMO project and encouraging women to participate in the diploma program. The project team looks forward to sharing the materials with the public and building momentum for this important initiative.