Project Objective:

COSMOS is a program that connects many dots for its beneficiaries. For one, it comes to address the disparity between women and men in the workplace while also teaching women valuable market and digital literacy skills. In this sense, the project aligns with a number of overarching and region-specific priorities for the current call. The overarching priorities addressed include “Digital” as the program employs technology and will emphasize the use of blended learning tools to increase its accessibility to marginalized women with limited time/resources for transportation. On a deeper level, COSMO plans to create “Sustainable growth and jobs” by preparing a generation of qualified individuals and supporting them through creating their own business which will enable them to effectively participate in the highly competitive job market and in turn generating local employment opportunities. The project meets the scope of the call as it focuses on training women in underserved areas, giving them knowledge and skills to enhance their professional potential. This project intends to integrate theoretical cosmetic arts’ education with practical training, raising the level of education and performance in this field to be reflected in the story and type of professional work in community salons, which is entirely consistent with the call's general objectives in addition to the fact that the project's location at the National University College of Technology allows able women, as well as those with physical disabilities, who live in Amman's eastern regions and are from low-income backgrounds, to participate in the cosmetic training program, as this type of advanced training does not exist in these regions, thereby achieving the objective of inclusion. This program will also be available mainly to female workers in this field to improve their performance because it will develop their skills in organizing and implementing programs, ensuring the project's long-term viability (sustainability). With the participation of countries from the same region (Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia) and European countries (France, Italy and Croatia), we can guarantee a wide range of experiences in the world of cosmetology.