To achieve this objective, various strategies are being pursued in JO&PS (relevant to AgroTec project): Enhancing agricultural productivity: Recognizing the significance of agriculture in rural areas, efforts are made to support farmers by providing them with access to modern farming techniques, improved seeds, and advanced technologies. By enhancing productivity in agriculture, the aim is to increase rural incomes and promote overall economic development. Improving rural infrastructure: Recognizing the crucial role of infrastructure in supporting economic growth, there are initiatives to improve rural infrastructure. This may involve the development of transportation networks and irrigation systems. Enhancing infrastructure is intended to facilitate better connectivity, reduce logistical barriers, and attract investment to rural areas. Promoting entrepreneurship and rural industries: Encouraging the development of entrepreneurship and rural industries is seen as a means to diversify economic activities in rural areas. By providing training, financial support, and mentorship, efforts are made to empower individuals and communities to establish and grow their businesses. This can lead to the creation of employment opportunities and the retention of talent in rural areas. Facilitating market access: Recognizing the importance of market access for rural producers, initiatives are undertaken to connect rural producers with buyers, both domestically and internationally. Improving market access aims to increase the profitability of rural enterprises and enhance their integration into the broader economy. Strengthening institutional capacity: To ensure effective implementation of initiatives, there is a focus on strengthening institutional capacity at the local level. This involves working closely with local governments, community organizations, and other stakeholders to build their capabilities in planning, implementing, and monitoring rural development projects. ANNOUNCEMENTS (Update the text) Launch of AgroTec Project We are pleased to announce the official launch of the AgroTec project on January 1, 2023. The AgroTec project represent a groundbreaking digitalization initiative that aims to revolutionise the agricultural sector in Jordan and Palestine through the integration of cutting-edge technology. The project’s name “AgroTec”, is an abbreviation for AgroTechnology VET Centres to Network and Train Future Farmers, reflecting our mission to establish a network of training centres that will equip future farmers with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in the agricultural industry. Kick-off Meeting (Update the text) The kick-off meeting for the AgroTec project took place at the University of Jordan (UJ) and The National University College of Technology (NUCT) ... Home  News  Kickoff Meeting Kick-off Meeting (Update the text) The kick-off meeting for the AgroTec project took place at the University of Jordan (UJ) and The National University College of Technology (NUCT) on Sunday and Monday, February 19-20, 2023. This meeting marked the official start of the project and brought together key stakeholders, including government representatives, agricultural experts, educational professionals, and technology partners. The participant discussed the significance of digitalization in the agricultural sector and highlighted the potential impact of the project on transforming farming practices in Jordan and Palestine. The purpose of the kick-off meeting was to set the stage for the AgroTec project, outlining its objectives, strategies, and implementation plans. The AgroTec Project partners discussed various aspects of the AgroTec project, including the establishment of training centres, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the development of curriculum and training programs, capacity building and staff training, and the collaboration and task division between different partners. The kick-off meeting provided an opportunity for all the patners to share their insights, exchange ideas, and align their efforts towards the successful implementation of the AgroTec project. It laid the foundation for collaboration, cooperation, and collective action, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in revolutionizing the agricultural sector. With the kick-off meeting as a starting point, the AgroTec project is now set to embark on its next steps towards making significant strides in leveraging technology to empower trainers and farmers, improve agricultural practices, and strengthen food security in Jordan and Palestine. Looking ahead, three crucial aspects that will be prioritized are establishing the training centres (as hubs for knowledge and skill development), curriculum development (encompassing topics such as ICT in Agriculture, Precision Farming, Data Analytics, Agrarian Marketing, and Water Energy Food Nexus) and staff training (will be a key component to ensure that the AgroTec project operates smoothly and efficiently).
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